We leverage your data through effective insights

We are a company of thinkers and builders and we are passionate about connecting people with their data. Cognetik uncovers problem areas with your apps and websites, and delivers transformational insights that will improve user experience and generate greater revenue and profit for your business.

Daniel Herdean
CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel brings leading expertise in the digital analytics sphere to Fortune 500 companies providing both strategic and tactical support on digital operations across highly cross-functional situations. By leveraging data, he has a passion for solving the most difficult analytics challenges and accelerating businesses forward.

Cat Iuga
Chief Analyst & Co-Founder

Cat is a digital analytics expert with years of experience leading the analytics practice for some of the top companies in the world. Cat’s capabilities extend wide across the entire digital analytics landscape and his innovative insights consistently provide informed decisions that have affected millions of dollars in marketing spend.

Matt Alexander
CTO & Co-Founder

As Chief Data Engineer, Matt heads the implementation and analysis projects for large corporations. He is an analytics implementation specialist with a unique background in web architecture, designing custom data structures and building analytical measurement solutions for various Fortune 500 companies.

Radu Lucaciu
VP of Engineering

As VP of Engineering, Radu oversees the programming and development side of Cognetik as well as software architecture design. He holds a rare sense of algorithmic and analytical thinking, having the ability to masterfully handle communication with the business side in addition to managing technical specifications.

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