For the data science and data analytics industry, this year has been full of surprises. We’ve witnessed amazing advancements all across the industry, with AI and Machine Learning taking the spotlight, alongside the new privacy revolution. 
Check out the hottest industry topics of 2019 below, along with corresponding content for each of those topics.

New Regulations for Data Privacy

For analysts in 2019, the year has been most remarkable in terms of new regulations for data privacy. 
The topic of data privacy was reflected in our most-read blog post of 2019: New Changes and Challenges for Analysts: Safari Introduces ITP 2.3
With the new Internet Tracking Protocol, Apple paved the road for browsers to significantly reduce the website’s tracking options, severely impacting advertisers and data companies that had profiling as their main revenue stream. 

The Demand & Increase of Analytics Tools

With more businesses embracing digital transformation, the analytics tools market is soaring rapidly. Tools such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Adobe Launch, and Tealium TMS are becoming more popular. 
This is the reason why our post Should You Still Use Adobe DTM in 2018? The Simple Answer: No. Three TMS Alternatives is the second most popular post of the year. 
A few years ago, Adobe released Launch, their new TMS tool, that had replaced DTM almost completely. Adobe offered DTM users about three years to migrate their implementations to Launch. At the end of 2020, Adobe DTM will finally go dark. 

The Rise of Machine Learning & AI

With the rise of machine learning and AI tools, there’s no surprise that How Can Data Science, Machine Learning & AI Improve Ad Targeting has also been extremely popular. Advertisers want to find new ways to promote their pages, products, or services, and companies want to monetize their traffic with higher CPMs. Online businesses also want to strive toward better user/customer profiling. 

The State of the Data Analytics Market

With great tools, comes great responsibility. The data analytics market is growing at an incredibly fast pace, and companies are researching to see how they get their foot in the door. The next blog post on our most-read articles of 2019 is Global Analytics Market In 2019: Opportunities, Challenges, and Forecasts. The industry is definitely heading in the right direction, with data science being the major differentiator in companies. 
With the exception of a small detour in 2014, the trends and forecasts for global analytics are heading toward an impressive surge. In 2019, forecasts predict that the global analytics market will reach $49 billion worldwide, which is more than double the value four years ago.

Server-Side vs. Client-Side Tracking

Even if companies have the right tools today, those tools still need to be implemented accurately across all environments and platforms. One of the biggest questions data engineers asked this year is whether to go for a server-side or client-side tracking implementation
The idea of server-side implementations has been around since the beginning of tag management. The big paradox is that even though server-side is the future,  most companies have not fully deployed this kind of solution with the exception of a handful of pioneers. 
How to Streamline Time-Consuming, Manual Processes for AnalystsOne of the most common issues analysts face in day-to-day activity is performing repetitive tasks that are below their skillset and capabilities, which prevents them k from unlocking their true potential. By being locked in on tasks that could be easily automated, such as importing data, companies may not make the most of their analysts’ time and insights, therefore waste valuable resources. 
With that in mind, it makes sense that the blog posts about our products were popular this year, and as a result, helped to improve the lives of many analysts at work. Here are a few of those topics:


2020 Predictions for Data Science & Data Analytics

Stay tuned to our blog in 2020. We’ll have new industry predictions, more amazing content about data science and data analytics, practical guides, fresh eBooks, and the latest news on product releases. 

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