This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Tableau Conference, which has already become a hugely popular gathering place for every data lover out there. According to the estimates, more than 15,000 people will be attending the TC17. If we compare it to around 200 visitors at the first Tableau Conference in Seattle back in 2007, you can instantly see how much traction Tableau gained over time, but also get a better grasp of how the industry evolved over the years.
The spirit of the conference remains the same: attendees remain as curious as ever to learn more about Tableau, data visualization and where the industry is heading. But the expectations have changed. What was once a tiny digital analytics conference is now the place to be if you’re in the industry.
This year, TC17 will be taking over Las Vegas with hundreds of speakers and thousands of data people who want to see the world become a better place, and who help create and shape that vision.
What’s there to do at the Tableau Conference 2017 if you want a break from the talks, you want to learn by doing, or maybe you just want to network with other data people?
1. First of all, don’t forget to download the app and register. You’re able to check all the speakers in advance, see which talks appeal to you the most (they all have descriptions so you can get a fairly good image of what every talk is going to be about), save the ones you want to attend, add them to your calendar or share them with your colleagues.

If you’re an iOS user, you can get the app here. For Android, download it from here
The app allows you to build your own agenda according to your personal preferences, register for the special tutorial courses, and notifies you of any important update or announcement during the Conference.
2. Don’t forget to check the tutorials section at the TC17.
You’ll have to register in advance for that one, and there’s only a limited amount of places left. These tutorials are for every category of Tableau users, from newbies to experts, and they cover all the different tracks, from getting familiar with data visualization and Tableau to a full day of workshops with Tableau experts to maximize your skills.

These are the talks you’re going to need a special registration (and a special fee) for:

  1. Data for the analyst
  2. Desktop 101, 201, 301, 302
  3. Distributed server installation and high availability
  4. Essentials of Tableau server administration
  5. Visual analytics 101

3. Have fun watching the Iron Viz Championship, the “world’s premiere visualization showdown”. Tune in as three contestants  face off before eager TC crowds. Yielding identical datasets and a set amount of time, each contestant will battle to build the finest visualization in the arena. The all-time reigning champ walks with $2,000. 
4. Explore the Data Village and get the most of the TC17 experience.
The Data Village is basically the center of the TC universe: meals, networking hotspots, troubleshooting support with Data Doctors, they are all part of the magic of the event. Tableau partners – including Cognetik at booth 456 🙂 – will be there to share their latest news & launches, Tableau Foundation will showcase how they continue to change the world with data, while Tableau Labs experts will help attendees experience the latest futuristic features.
Or you can always stop by a drink at the Bar Chart, or check out the Tableau Store for some savy swag.

5. Get wild with the Tableau Labs
If you’re working in digital analytics, and especially with Tableau, you can really take advantage of your time at the conference by exploring the future of Tableau.
Tableau Labs is the place to discover and demo exciting features, share innovative ideas, and gather invaluable insights from you. You can visit one of five themed areas to find out about the latest features, right from the smart people that built them. You can also get involved in lab activities and give Tableau feedback on early concepts and prototypes or share your personal experiences with Tableau products. Most sessions are by appointment. 

6. Bond with fellow data enthusiasts and join them for a morning run or yoga session along the Vegas Strip. Runners of all paces and levels are welcome on the 5k and 10k routes. They meet in the lobby of the Mandalay Bay 15 minutes early to sign a waiver. The run will start at 05:30 AM (of course, you’re free to choose #DataSleep and just dream you’d be running, but it would be cool if you could try this at least one morning). Runners are invited to join the Strava Group to help the organizers visualize the group’s running data. Get warmed up and join the conversation on Twitter with #RunData17.

7. Party till your feet (or head) get numb at Data Night Out
Wednesday, October 11, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, data people are expected to party and make the most of their time here. Meet new people, make some friends, forget about the worries of tomorrow and just enjoy yourself.
Here’s what Tableau wrote on the TC17 app about the party:

“Data Night Out is our chance to celebrate YOU—the bold-thinking brainiacs who’ve made Tableau what it is today (aka: awesome). Join us for tasty Vegas eats, delicious drinks, and the chance to get down to live performances by Empire of the Sun and Robert DeLong. Make the rounds through our old-school arcade setup, snap a few selfies atop our giant slide, and take on your TC pals via a bumper cars crash course.”

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