Ten years ago, I joined a then-cutting edge marketing strategy boutique consultancy. Staffed with former elite business school and strategy consulting firm grads, I was hired as the interactive thought leader and tapped to start the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) practice.


Back then, ROMI required data scientists or econometrics PhDs (I was neither)—this was pre-Twitter, and Omniture’s revenues were 1/20th what the Adobe Marketing Cloud’s are today (Adobe acquired Omniture in 2009).  I eventually left the consultancy, opting for “customized assembly line” work, over “coach building,” if I could borrow an analogy from the automotive industry.  Marketing analytics was evolving and everybody seemed to want in.   

Advancement: Learning About All These Other Wheels
For the last seven years, I have been developing insights and business strategy based on readily available data. In the period I’m describing, the fundamentals have not changed—it’s just that the tools are better and the cultural adoption followed (some of) those tools. I’ve used perhaps 50 tools critical to whatever I was working on at the time, and I’ve forgotten most of them.  Collectively, though, I would cluster them in this way:

  • Social media intelligence
  • Web and app analytics
  • Video
  • Visualization
  • Business model and process
  • Service Design


I’m setting the stage for several of my next blog entries (around those bullet-pointed clusters).  Over the next year, I am going to pick up where I left off in 2012 (socialcumul.us) and contribute to a larger body of knowledge instead of just consuming it.

About the author

Joe Walker

For 15 years, Joe Walker has focused on growing organizations and on bringing innovations to market. His business development work began in 2001 for the largest Internet property in Europe. Since 2006 he has worked with over 100 brands on marketing, social, video, NLP, user research, design, analytics, and business modelling.

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