On top of the usual product announcements and feature launches, the Adobe Summit 2019 focused on the customer.
Speakers from different industries shared a common ground, no matter how divergent their business models were. And that common denominator was the customer: organizations need a customer-centric approach in order to survive and to thrive.
The plethora of choices, the abundance of alternatives places the customer at the tip of the spear in the new digital paradigm.
Below we’ve shared 10 key takeaways to persuade you to follow the business leaders and to transition towards a customer-centric approach.

  • To win in today’s world, every business must transform itself, to become focused on the customer experience. Powerful experience changes the way we think and interact


  • Digital transformation starts by reimagining the entire customer journey, to take customers from one step to the next via a delightful experience. The biggest challenge is to scale the process and personalize the journey, not just for a single customer, but for tens of millions of customers.


  • Personalization cannot happen without data and intelligence, and it should not happen without trust and transparency.


  • The ability to put the customer at the center of your digital strategy and deliver the end-to-end experience they expect will separate the leaders from the rest.


  • Organizations today exist in a large spectrum. They are no longer in black or white. You need to have the right solution to reach the right customer in the right market, and you need it today.


  • You need to monitor your data pipeline just like you monitor your offers. If data isn’t delivered to the right people at the right time, it can go wrong. We need to make sure we can democratize data to make it available to all employees, so they can, in turn, provide better experiences to customers.


  • Experiences are built on interactions, which, in turn, generate data. Marketing has become a world of data and will continue to be that for a lot of time.


  • Empathy is the core of every innovation. Culture and purpose are the real sources of inspiration, the necessary conditions to succeed with your strategy and products.


  • You need to adjust to the harsh realities of the business models. You need to take a leap between product and technology and business model, especially with a customer-centric approach.


  • Marketing is in the experience, the same way selling is in the experience because the experience is powerful and palpable. You keep coming back for more. Experience is the main differentiator; it’s the line between epic and epic failure.

PS: We surveyed more than 160 attendees at this year’s Adobe Summit to see where they feel their organization stands in their data maturity and asked questions to validate that perceived maturity level.
The survey was a quick, 6-question assessment. It’s only a tiny snippet of the full assessment workshops we regularly provide for our clients. Even still, the results revealed some interesting insights.
Check the results HERE and dive into the insights 

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