There are some events that define the shape of the world. There are those events which are recorded as history makers, and will always be remembered as game-changers.
The Adobe Summit is such an event for the analytics world. We can strive to change the world in our own corners, in our own companies, in our own industries.
From its inception until now, the Adobe Summit transcended its original purpose of showcasing new Adobe products and became a social event, a milestone for companies in the industry and a place to meet for thousands of analysts.
Every year, come Spring, thousands and thousands of people in our wonderful analytics industry gather from all corners of the earth and celebrate fresh insights, new ways to understand the customer, new paths toward conversion and optimization and so much more.

Cognetik at the Adobe Summit 2019

We’re excited to announce that we’ll meet you all again this year at the Adobe Summit, for the third year in a row.
From March 26 to March 28, our team will be present at Booth 966. We’ll have cool demos for our products (which, by the way, could make your life a lot easier at work), cool swag, and open discussions.
We’re eager to hear about the new launches Adobe prepared for us this year, to see the new tools and updates, but most of all, to be once again surrounded by the members of our incredible community.
We’ve been a part of the digital analytics world for 20 years, and we’ve witnessed the amazing rise of our industry, getting bigger, stronger and more relevant year after year.
If 20 years ago, analytics was a fine luxury for companies, now organizations can’t imagine doing business without data, without the insights we generate. We’ve come far, from a niche market to being the heart and engine of the biggest businesses.
But still, the most exciting thing is this: We’re sure we haven’t even started to reach our full potential.
One of our missions is to be catalysts for the advancement of the analytics world, in any way we can: with our products, our services, our knowledge, and by giving back to the community. This is why we’re proud to be one of the sponsors of this amazing event.
This also means that we’ll be having our own booth, where we can meet in person.
We are humble and thankful that last year we were in top 3 influencers for the Adobe Summit on social media, and we’re looking forward to keeping you up to speed with the Summit’s vibes, news & highlights. Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@cognetik), LinkedIn and Facebook if you’re not already.
Come see us at Booth 966 for great giveaways and product demos.

  • The first 300 people will receive a Data is GOLD T-shirt.
  • We’ll also be giving away $5 Starbucks gift cards to attendees that complete a quick data maturity survey. You can enjoy a coffee while diving into an exclusive look at the results and see how your organization compares to others that completed the survey.
  • We’ll also have a few other surprise giveaways for those that come to visit the booth early.

Want to set up some time with one of our executives in attendance? Reach out to us here to schedule a meeting.
See you all in Vegas! Looking forward to meeting you all again!

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Sebastian Stan

Sebastian is a journalist and digital strategist with years of experience in the news industry, social media, content creation and management, and digital analytics.

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