Year after year, analysts know that when spring comes, Adobe Summit is there to greet it.
This year makes no exception, and the Cognetik team is thrilled to be in Vegas once more, at ground zero of one of the biggest events of 2018 in analytics.
This year we’re proud to announce that we’re among the sponsors of the event, which means we have our own booth where we can meet you all in person.
From Monday to Thursday, the Cognetik team will be present at Booth 957-J. We’ll be providing demos of our free products, and you’ll be able to see live the value that our products create. Also, we’re preparing a raffle to win a Bose SoundSport, so don’t miss our booth :P.
We’re super excited to hear about the new launches Adobe prepared for us this year, to see the new tools and updates, but most of all, to be energized by the buzz of our wonderful analytics community. We are blessed to have been in the digital analytics world for the better part of the last 20 years, and we could see how the industry expanded, and Adobe’s products alongside it. Adobe product suite is an essential “weapon” in any analyst’s arsenal, which is making our lives easier and giving us superpowers one update at a time.
We’ve seen how digital analytics went from being a niche market in a world dominated by brick-and-mortar businesses, to being a rocket engine for the best businesses out there.
Analysts moved from geeks to superheroes, as the data they collected and analyzed silently made possible unbelievable results at a rapid pace. This ‘army’ grew from a few hundred to tens of thousands of analysts and engineers, and yet this is only the beginning, as we’re sure we’ve not even scratched the surface yet.
We’re looking forward to meeting you all, and we’re hoping you’ll find the time to stop by our booth. We know for sure we’d love to meet you!
Don’t forget to follow our blog for ongoing coverage related to the Adobe Summit, speakers to look forward to and people to follow if you won’t be there.

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Sebastian Stan

Sebastian is a journalist and digital strategist with years of experience in the news industry, social media, content creation and management, and digital analytics.

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