The Atlanta metro area will soon swell to 6 million people and we are at the top of many lists, including:

Forbes noted last month that Atlanta is the Number 3 U.S. city poised to become a Tech Mecca, and we have opened more innovation centers here than any other area in the U.S., except for Silicon Valley.  
All these accolades may give one the impression that a groundswell of young people is solely responsible for this rise, but the fact is many of the area’s largest organizations are on the forefront of tech and development practices and are supporting this growth.  Home Depot, IHG, Delta, Equifax SunTrust, Cox, and Turner/CNN all have sophisticated analytics departments or individuals.  In fact, several Atlanta organizations were among the first to sign up for our Adobe-to-Tableau data connector we launched at Adobe Summit last month.
Atlanta has risen up and is here to stay. Look for future Cognetik events in Atlanta where we will be showcasing how we help leading companies with their data architecture, integration, analytics, reporting, and personalization.

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Joe Walker

For 15 years, Joe Walker has focused on growing organizations and on bringing innovations to market. His business development work began in 2001 for the largest Internet property in Europe. Since 2006 he has worked with over 100 brands on marketing, social, video, NLP, user research, design, analytics, and business modelling.

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