As analysts or marketers, we have so many balls we are already juggling, that it can be difficult to make sure that any number of executives are kept up to date on how the certain elements of the business are performing. Granted, we should have dashboards for this exact purpose! But when a new campaign is being run that is the boss’s pet campaign, you won’t want to update your dashboard just for that campaign. We need an easier way for these one-off requests to be regularly put before others in our organization.


I was reminded of a helpful Adobe Analysis Workspace feature for this, during the 2017 Adobe Summit, that was released late in 2016 and can quickly help in democratizing data and keeping pertinent results before certain eyes in your organization. That feature is something we analysts’ have been doing for years in our dashboards and analysis’ but wasn’t able to do in Adobe Analysis Workspace until recently. This feature is called Date Comparison.


For a simple example let’s say a new vendor has come in and wants to run a POC to drive highly qualified traffic to your site. This campaign gets sold up the chain and now you have an executive that wants to see how it performs. As I mentioned earlier you don’t want to overhaul your dashboard and/or create some new executive view when you could quickly and easily set this up and deliver it right from Analysis Workspace.


Setting Up the Comparison

First, build your freeform table in Workspace. One of the issues that many people run into when attempting this is they pull some metric like visits (columns) over a date range dimension (rows). In this case, Workspace will not let you compare date ranges. You cannot use date, time or metric dimensions in your rows with Date Comparison. That is why our example works for this feature because we want to report on whether the campaign actually drove an increase in social visits. So I am using the visits metric (column) and last touch channel (rows) as seen below:


Add a Title and Description

­­­­Now that I have my freeform table built I have chosen to name my table something like “Traffic Channels” and then by right-clicking on my title, I can add a description to this table so that the executive getting this report will clearly know what this is. 


Select the Comparison Range

After doing this I want to begin setting up my comparison so I will right-click on the Visits column to select my comparison range:  


Then I want to select “Compare time periods”:



And then finally I will choose my time frame, I have chosen the prior week to the date range already applied to my workspace:



Once I have completed this I have a freeform table that is showing week over week comparison of visits from my last touch channels:



As we can see here, our executive is not going to be very happy with the performance of this campaign! Granted we would want to do a deeper analysis beyond just visits because we could have seen a decrease in unqualified traffic and an increase in qualified traffic, this would lead to a decrease in the overall traffic, but a lift in conversion. Yet, for the sake of our example, this is sufficient. Now you can go ahead and save this project and share it out with everyone who wants to keep their eyes on this data.


There is a multitude of ways you can expand this workspace with more tables, deeper cuts, conditional formatting, visualizations and curating, so you can democratize your data in your organization and keep your paychecks coming!


If you want a complimentary 60 min consultation on how to do this with your own data, email me at and we will schedule something!

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Dan Saugstad

Dan Saugstad
Dan enjoys nothing more than learning and analyzing something new, which is why he loves digital analytics so much. To him, there are always more ways to add depth and context to any data point and gain valuable insight from that intersection. His passion lies in pulling stories together to help others succeed.

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