Today is the first Adobe Summit day and it started with a wild keynote. Full coverage to follow, but until then, we’re still energized about what happened yesterday at the UnSummit, where 12 speakers talked about new powerful ideas and tools, including new launches for the analytics industry.

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Daniel Herdean, and our Chief Data Engineer & Co-Founder, Matt Alexander, spoke about Combining Multiple Sources to Tell the Whole Story and Simplifying Mobile Analytics Implementations With A Central Data Layer.

Yesterday was also the day in which we announced that our free Data Streams now has 4 new in-demand data warehouses (Snowflake, Teradata, MS SQL Server and Postgre SQL), for the benefit of analysts, BI practitioners, and marketers across the globe. This adds to the already existing data warehouses: Amazon Redshift, MySQL and Google BigQuery.

We’ve heard Jim Sterne talking about Machine Learning and the future of retail and analytics, making it clear we’re not supposed to be afraid of ML and Artificial Intelligence, since it’s complementary to our human nature, helping us achieve the impossible and the unthinkable.

Next, David McBride, the initiator of the UnSummit, talked about our duty as analysts, about the endeavor called the Analyst Code of Ethics and our role in protecting data, especially in the light of recent scandals such as Cambridge Analytica.

Our very own Daniel Herdean was the next to rock the stage, announcing our newly updated, free, Data Streams.

Tim Wilson from Search Discovery talked about the importance of R in the life of an analyst, and about a great way of learning R from scratch to intermediate levels.

John Boyd from Tracking First talked about the importance of having accurate data and to curate data for better results, not to get caught up in the confirmation bias.

Matt Alexander, our Chief Data Engineer, presented a new powerful Cognetik tool – the Cognetik SDK, that will empower analysts to set themselves free from developers.

David Rogers talked about the lessons learned from product management in analytics, and marketing use cases leveraging AI capabilities.

David McBride picked it up from here, to talk about analytics product management and the eightfold path for analytics

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