Day 2 at the Tableau Conference 2017 was marked by a series of explosive new updates for Tableau, a lot of amazing talks and an incredible buzz of analysts from all across the globe bonding, sharing experiences and working together to bring the industry forward.
The highlight of Day 2 was the Keynote talk in the morning, where Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky and a team of executives at Tableau presented their vision for Tableau, together with three new amazing updates: the new Hyper Data Engine, Project Maestro and Extensions API. Later in the day, a team of Tableau Developers showcased a lot of new features and managed to get everyone excited with every new release.
The conference’s speakers were incredibly open and willing to talk to the participants at the conference, mingled in the Data Village and ‘stealthly’ blended in. Some of our favorites were…
The Cognetik team at TC17 blogged about the most important new releases and we provided a short review of every feature launched yesterday.
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More than 14,000 people attended Day 2 of the conference, but we’re sure that a lot more analysts that weren’t able to come to Vegas watched the keynotes live from home. Drop us a line if you’re at the conference, we’d love to say hi!

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