This week we released our eBook, A Guide to User Journey Analysis. This comprehensive guide shows you how to use the Cognetik User Journey Analysis Model, which is a user-centric approach that eliminates the need for isolated product analyses. In this post, we’ll deliver an introduction of the process. For a deeper dive, download our eBook so you can get your organization started on the right track.

The User Journey Analysis Process

To give you a little background, the traditional approach of user journey analysis involves isolating the acquisition, user behavior, and outcome. However, at Cognetik, we realized that this standard practice was not producing the results needed to increase conversions and customer retention. As a result, we unified the Acquisition-Behavior-Outcome model to improve digital properties and create a user journey that gets better with time.
Cognetik User Journey Funnel

In this eBook, we help answer the following critical questions about the user journey:

  1. Why do user journey analysis?
  2. Where is the largest entry point to your product?
  3. Who are the users and how can you best define or segment them?
  4. Once they are on your site, what does their behavior look like?
  5. How do you make sure you’re getting people to convert and complete the task they came for?
  6. After they become customers, how do you increase retention and bring people back regularly?

Eliminate Isolated Product Analysis

Tips and Tricks for an Optimal User Journey Analysis

Based on our research and experiences with our Fortune 1000 clients, we developed some tips and tricks that can help you go above and beyond the standard recipe for creating an optimal digital property via the Cognetik User Journey Analysis Model. Some of those tips include:

  • Create segments for each traffic source, and make them mutually exclusive.
  • Map out an entire website/app experience by printing it out and putting them in sequence on a whiteboard.
  • Focus on the insights you gain from the outcome of the user journey (conversion and user value).
  • Move your organization toward a culture of testing out hypotheses that surface from your analysis.

By implementing these tips and tricks for your user journey analysis, you’ll be on the right track toward gaining a holistic view of your users and improving your digital property.

Where to Go From Here

We’re here to help you build the best product or service available for your customers, and to do that, you need a user journey that exceeds their expectations. In our eBook, A Guide to User Journey Analysis, we walk you through step-by-step how to build the foundation for creating an optimal user journey experience.

Each user’s journey is unique, and at Cognetik, we can help provide a customized user experience that brings in results. By incorporating our method, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how users view you, and how you position your organization as an industry leader
  • Identify key flows or funnels
  • Understand product-finding methods
  • Isolate key segments based off user behavior and other elements
  • Fix identified problems via A/B testing
  • Uncover new revenue sources
  • And more!

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