It’s been less than half a year since we launched the first FREE Cloud-Data-to-Tableau connector, and we’ve already helped hundreds of companies around the world ease the work of their analytics team.
Among many other things, it made importing Adobe Analytics to Tableau so much easier that we like to say we finally allowed Tableau to love Adobe Analytics. Same goes for Adwords, Kochava, Bing, and all other data sources that we support.
In these months we’ve managed to greatly reduce the time & costs analysts spend extracting cloud data by helping them automate the time-consuming process of importing Adobe Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, AdWords, Bing Ads, Kochava, YouTube, Doubleclick data in their Tableau workbooks. We’ve essentially enabled analysts to put their precious time into tasks that really add value to their company’s goals!
During our talks with companies and analysts interested in our connector, one of the frequent questions we get asked is this: „Why are you providing the connector for free? What’s the catch?” Yes, we know, one might call us crazy for doing this.
Here’s the answer: We’re offering it for free…
…Because products are not how we make money. Check out our services
Cognetik is a digital analytics agency, we make money through the award-winning analytics services we offer to Fortune 1000 companies around the world. So, if one of our clients needs help with funnel analysis, tag management, reports automation, designing and engineering their dashboards, A/B testing, or even training on analysis and implementation, our ‘analytics special forces team’, as we like to call it, is there to help them.
Our primary source of revenue comes from the consultancy we provide our amazing customers. We’re fanatical about uncovering transformational insights for them, we help them get the most of their analytics operations, and we enable them to envision and understand the steps they need to take to improve their business, with the dramatic power of data.
Providing these tools is a low-friction way for us to draw leads into our sales funnel, because our tool complements our services so well.
…Because we ourselves felt the pain of importing cloud data
At the end of the day, we analysts want to spend less time building dashboards and more time looking through the data to make better, more informed decisions.
We were surely not the only company painfully building dashboards, so we decided to freely share our solution with our thriving analytics community. The connector is improving the time of analysts, empowering them to extract insights better and faster.
…Because we’re on a mission to improve the analytics community
The Cognetik Cloud Connector is just one tool we built with our talented product & engineering team. While we’re still regularly rolling out new features for the connector, we have great products under development that we’ll launch in the following weeks.
…Because we’re a community of makers. We enjoy building products
Building products and adopting technology that makes our lives (and those of other analysts!) better is deeply embedded in our company culture.
We have product ideation sessions, we debate on what to build next for the analytics world, we spend our breaks discussing how technology improves our lives. And as we grow as a team, we hope to be an inspiration for other bright minds discovering the beauty of analytics.
Curious to find out what our management thinks about our products? Here’s how they described them in our Connector launch article

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Daniel Herdean

I bring leading expertise in the digital analytics sphere to Fortune 500 companies, providing both strategic and tactical support on digital operations across highly cross-functional situations. By leveraging data, I am passionate about solving the most difficult analytics challenges and accelerating businesses forward.

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