Analysts are among the most sought-after professionals in the job market, which makes them tremendously valuable for any company.
Their unmatched potential to collect and dive deep into data, generate insights and articulate an actionable discourse to overcome problems is the differentiator between the analyst role and any other job within the company.
This is the reason why optimizing their time should be on the top of every manager’s list. Analysts shouldn’t waste their time with repetitive tasks. Instead, they should face head-on the most challenging business questions that arise and formulate data-driven answers that can take the company to the next level.
Built with analysts in mind, the Cognetik Cloud Connector, can help drastically reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.
For example, you can set up scheduled refreshes in Tableau Server so you don’t have to manually do it every time.

Check out below our tutorial about How to Set Up a Scheduled Refresh in the Tableau Server

In order to run scheduled refreshes using the Tableau Server, you first need to whitelist the connector.
After whitelisting the connector, open the Connector in Tableau and submit your query.
We went for a basic query in Google Analytics.

In Tableau, update your query.

View your data in a worksheet.

Log in to your Tableau server.

Click ‘Publish Workbook.’

Name your extract and embed your password.

Publish the workbook. This will prompt the Tableau Server to open.

Click ‘Schedule a Refresh.’

Open the refresh options and choose one of the available schedules.

Now your scheduled refresh will run as selected.
To view your scheduled refreshes, go to ‘Tasks’  in the upper menu bar.

This is just one feature of the Cognetik Cloud Connector. You can free up even more time by customizing the date for refreshable dashboards, or use Data Streams to import data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or other cloud sources to your data warehouse of choice.

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