Different businesses have different analytics needs, which seems like a simple concept on the surface. However, if you dive deeper, you’ll realize there are many variables that influence your organization’s needs. Whether your organization is big or small, you’ll need a clickstream tool to help you understand the path users are taking and why. In the end, every component of your site should be designed to increase conversion rates.


Understanding the “What” and the “Why” Behind User Behavior

The “what” and the “why” behind user behavior work together to help you understand how to meet your organization’s goals. The “what” is quantitative and can be answered by choosing the right clickstream tool. On the other hand, the “why” is qualitative, and can be answered by survey session records, and more. Many tools out there can help uncover the ins and outs of a user’s behavior, but few can deliver those insights in the speed that you require.


That’s why, with so many options available, it’s important to choose the right clickstream tool to do a proper and efficient analysis of your data. If you conduct an analysis of your website, you need to understand where the user is coming from and to understand their pain points. A tool like Adobe Analytics can do just that, which is to identify where users are coming from, what they are doing on your website and the results of those actions.


What Is Adobe Analytics?

As a refresher, Adobe Analytics is a clickstream analytics tool that captures your data and puts it in a format where you can get insights quickly. It’s a tool that’s built for analysts like most clickstream tools are. Let’s dive into a few of the key features that make Adobe Analytics stand out from the competition.


Key Features of Adobe Analytics that Help You Gain the Insights You Need

One of the features that helps you gain insights at lightning speed is Analysis Workspace, which is a one-off analysis of your data. It’s a process designed to answer specific business questions. To clarify, Analysis Workspace is not a report or a dashboard. It’s a tool that helps you quickly and freely build out the analysis. My experience has been that often clients come to me with questions in ad hoc fashion, which makes this tool extraordinary.


Another part of the process of exploring and understanding your data is through user journey analysis. At Cognetik, we focus on the user journey to help answer important questions and discover how those answers impact the bottom of the funnel. We then utilize sequential advanced segments to understand a user’s every touchpoint all the way down your typical e-commerce funnel. Provided you have the right implementation in place, another amazing tool in Adobe’s arsenal is the capability to quickly create advanced calculated metrics. These metrics help track user behavior and deliver answers.


Why Consider Adobe Analytics Over Other Clickstream Tools? Speed to Insights & Customization

With any analytics tool, you’re going to have multiple options to consider. So why choose Adobe Analytics over another clickstream tool? Other tools may give you the same insights depending on the complexity of your implementation, but with Adobe Analytics, you can get the insights you need to drive business change at a much faster rate.


Adobe Analytics is a high-end enterprise tool, which means that some companies may rule it out because of budget constraints. If cost is a factor, there’s good news! There are free analytics tools that allow you to place code on every page of your site. This was not an option in the past. Now you can directly tie revenue to specific actions that users take on your site.


However, the majority of free licenses limit your ability to customize complex segments and calculated metrics. If you consider Adobe Analytics, you’ll save time and money through faster, data-driven decisions that will grow your business and save you from expensive mistakes.



When it comes to analyzing your data, it’s key to understand where users are coming from and the results of their actions. With the right tool in place, you can learn the “why” behind the user journey and take your organization to the next level. For the right business, which is usually those who can afford custom implementation, Adobe Analytics can do just that. Compared to the competition, it can lead you to the insights you need, all at lightning speed. Time is of the essence, and Adobe Analytics delivers.

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