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Cognetik is proud to announce that we’ve launched Google Search Ads 360 (formerly known as DoubleClick Search Manager) as a data source with our Cognetik Cloud Connector and Data Streams products so your data can reach its full potential.


Google Search Ads 360 is Google’s advanced search management platform that houses a suite of tools to help you take search campaign performance to the next level with rich, granular-level information about search campaigns, keyword performance, and costs.


Why is this good news for analysts, marketers, and BI practitioners alike? With Google Search Ads 360, you can get all you need to help manage your marketing campaigns across multiple engines and media channels without having to manage your campaigns individually across each search engine.


Now there will be a way to easily get Yahoo! Gemini, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Japan, and Baidu data into Tableau or the data warehouse of your choice, with no IT support needed. Let’s take a look at the latest features this new data source can offer.


Features of Google Search Ads 360

Since Google Search Ads 360 can be used to manage paid search campaigns for multiple platforms (such as Bing, AdWords, Yahoo! Gemini, and others), connecting to this data will give you access to search performance across multiple platforms. It’s all matter of campaign management data, big data, and search data, which are all included in Google Search Ads 360. This data source has been made simple and has many sophisticated features, such as:


  • Smart Bidding: Streamline the bidding process through bid visualization. Use real-time insights and get access to portfolio-level bidding.


  • Mobile Measurement and Optimization: Measure conversion, optimize your campaign, or promote your app through Google Ads support.


  • Commerce Solutions: Provide greater variability and support by using the easy automation, the built-in-optimization, or local ads support.


  • Audience Insights and Activation: Define your audience through retargeting support, custom variables, and smarter display marketing.


Benefits for Your Campaign Analysis

With the above features, you’ll get unified insights to manage your search campaigns. So you might be wondering, how can these features benefit your business?


1. You’ll be able to connect your search campaigns with other digital channels

2. Thanks to detailed reporting, you’ll have the capacity to analyze campaign efficiency and user behavior

3. You’ll make better business decisions. You’ll be able to understand the customer journey with the tools involved so you can bring your data together seamlessly.


By using Cognetik Cloud Connector, you’ll bring your data together into one unified view, all while having enterprise-level security, data union option for multiple sources, custom calendars and time zone support, and quick data preview. And to top it all off, it’s easy to set up and use.


With Cognetik Data Streams, you’ll migrate all your data from any data source into the warehouse of your choice. Cognetik Data Streams makes it easy to extract and transfer all of your data, and eliminates time-consuming manual processes. With features such as custom mapping, and scheduled streams, you’ll get to insights faster. And just like Cognetik Cloud Connector, it’s easy to set up and use.


How to Start

Want to see how Google Search Ads 360 works for yourself? Sign up for our FREE Individual License and gain the insights needed to improve your campaigns.


What’s Next?

Don’t forget to like, share, and tweet to help us spread the news about the launch of Google Search Ads 360 as a data source for Cognetik Cloud Connector and Data Streams. Stay tuned for exciting releases coming down the pipeline, such as Amazon S3, and more analytics news!

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