Jose Bergiste, Director of Data & Analytics Engineering at Cognetik, held a comprehensive webinar at ObservePoint’s Virtual Analytics Summit about how to raise the quality of data within organizations and why it takes a village. 
If you’re struggling with data quality, you should know that you’re definitely not alone. This is an extremely common problem for many businesses. 
A lot of times the issue involves a breakdown in communication between various teams that impact data quality. This can manifest across, say, your QA team, your analytics teams, your IT teams, and UX teams as well. 
In this video, Jose shares a series of practical steps you can take within your organization to make a difference and increase data quality.
“At the end of the day, we’re doing all this because we want insights, we want to drive businesses forward, and basically every team member should see some of these insights and be able to really see the value of what they’re working on,” Jose Bergiste explained. 
This is what makes a big difference in terms of motivation and really sets a purpose for everyone. The secret is really to celebrate your successes. 
“So you’re going to have successes, you’re going to have failures. Don’t ignore your failures, look at your failures, but don’t only focus on your failures. Look at your successes as well so that the team can feel some sort of reward or balance based on the improvements that are being made,” Jose added. 

Check out the full presentation here.

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