Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. During our flight, we’ve heard at least half a dozen excited people across the plane talking about the Adobe Summit. They were talking about what sessions they wanted to attend, which tools they hoped will get updates, about their companies, almost battling each other over who works in the coolest place.


We were both impressed and grateful to be part of this community, where young professionals and veterans in analytics join the same level of passion for what they do. We’re excited to be here, and even if it’s 5 a.m in the morning, we feel energized and ready for the action that’s about to follow.


First stop: the UnSummit, a place where powerful insights are shared by industry thought leaders, and a place where you feel like home, among fellow analysts and data lovers.


We are also extremely proud of our very own Daniel Herdean, our CEO and co-founder, and Matt Alexander, Chief Data Engineer & Co-Founder, who will also be presenting at the UnSummit.


We won’t spoil the surprise about their delicious talks, but we will give you a glimpse of what they will be talking about: Simplifying Mobile Analytics Implementations With A Central Data Layer (Matt Alexander) and Combining Multiple Sources to Tell the Whole Story (Daniel Herdean).


Offtopic, there’s something else on my mind, a thought that crossed my head during our long flight: whenever you think of Las Vegas, you think of a city of pleasure, a place to gamble, to make inaccurate decisions based on nothing but feeling. However, this is really not the case this week.


For the next 4 days, Vegas will be transformed by people who value data and insights above everything else. No more blind gambling this week in Vegas. Instead, analysts will use hard data and statistics to assess the level of certainty that the dice they roll will be the ones they need. Cool, isn’t it?


Visit our Adobe Summit Page for the most comprehensive coverage on what’s coming out of this year’s Adobe Summit: updates, launches, sessions, chatter, insights.

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