Career in Analytics: Jobs in High-Demand, Lucrative and Vital to any Business

Why choose this industry, research on salaries, what is the industry looking for?
What's it like to have a career in analytics?

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Analytics Engineer: What It’s All About and Why It’s The Hottest Engineering Job

Why Engineering is the hottest job around

Google Analytics is a good starting point- it’s free, you just need a data set.
Find opportunities to get experience:

  • Build an app or site, or pair up with a small business, and implement Google Analytics, and use the data to propose some action to improve the site/app
  • Analysis Exchange
  • Google has a demo data set
  • Google Analytics Academy course on Data Collection
  • Certifications exist, but are not nearly as valuable as experience
  • If you can find an entry-level position, seize the opportunity

Find industry mentors:

Next Generation Analytics Products: Data Connectors, Automated Analysis and Natural Language Generated Insights


Data Storytelling: Effectively Conveying Insights Through Data Visualization

5-Data Storytelling


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