We’re thrilled to announce that part of Cognetik’s digital analytics ‘special forces’ team will be joining the analytics community at this year’s Tableau Conference, where we’ll be having our very own booth to meet with you. If you’re participating at TC17, come and meet with us at booth #456! We’d be thrilled to talk to you in person.
From Monday to Thursday, the Cognetik team will be present at Booth 456 at the Mandalay Convention Center. We’ll be providing free demos of the Cognetik Cloud Connector and of our soon to be launched Data Streams product. You’ll be able to see live the value that our products create for the hundreds of analysts using them.

As a company that knows first hand that sharing and connecting are essential in the analytics world, we’re super excited to be a sponsor of #data17. We all know the importance of the work analysts do, helping companies survive and adapt, improving people’s lives and essentially, as cliche as it may sound, making the world a better place. This is the main reason we’re so eager to create awesome products for the analytics community, and to offer them for free.
Stop by our place to learn more about us and our free products, or simply to have a talk with us. We promise we’re friendly folks. Chances are, you’re going to go back to your company or to your boss with new powerful insights and a whole new perspective. Maybe we can even help make your life easier at work. Yes, we often do that, just come say hi!
See you there!

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Sebastian Stan

Sebastian is a journalist and digital strategist with years of experience in the news industry, social media, content creation and management, and digital analytics.

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