Tableau just had their “Dev’s on Stage” keynote, which is a detailed description of all the new features they are releasing. We thought you would want to hear about this as well, so hear is the list!




  1. New Nested Sorting – You don’t have to build custom calculations anymore. Automatically calculates based upon global dimensions, which means nested sorting is easier than ever now.
  2. Viz in Tooltip – You can have sheets within a tooltip now! Straight crazy.
  3. Gridlines within Dashboard – You can see a grid view (like Photoshop) in order to make sure your dashboard is nice and clean.
  4. Keyboard Nudging – Move objects based upon pixels to better align objects in a dashboard.\




  1. Spatial Data Update – Tableau can now read special data direct from a database. Used for mapping advanced regions like small cities and regions.
  2. Spatial Join – Join data based upon spatial field. Allows you to perform calculations on dimensions within spatial (geographic) dimensions.
  3. Heatmap – you can change your marktype to density, which displays a heatmap. I’ve been waiting for this one 🙂




  1. Export As – you can export your workbook as previous versions (starting on 10.5).
  2. Publish As – You can publish a workbook to a previous version of Tableau Server. If you have 10.5, and your server is 10.2, you can still publish. (Can’t publish to versions previous than 10.2).
  3. Tableau Server on Linux – You can now run Tableau on Linux.
  4. Tableau Services Manager – new and improved admin manager.
  5. Hot Topology Changes – Ability to modify admin changes much more easily, many of which are now available from the web.
  6. Tableau Services Manager Scripting – automate the process of giving user rights and admin changes.




  1. Data Source Certification – you can certify a data source and also add additional meta data about the data source. 10.4 or higher.
  2. Data Source Page – see all data sources in a dashboard, as well as details, such as SQL used.
  3. Smart RecommendationsTable Recommendations – Recommends tables in a particular schema that you should use.
    • Join Recommendations – Recommends how tables are joined, including join type and column.
    • Data Source Recommendations – Recommends sources on Tableau Server that are similar to the ones you are using.




  1. Nested Projects (10.5) – You can put projects within projects on Tableau Server.
  2. Web Authoring
    • Create and Edit Groups (10.4) – Create and edit groups in the browser, not just desktop.
    • Create and Edit Hierarchies (10.5) – Create and edit hierarchies on the web.
    • Edit Axis (10.4) – Edit axis on web.
    • Create and Edit Text (10.) – Create and edit text on the web.
  3. Annotate and Shore on Mobile (10.5) – Make comments and annotate on a dashboard on mobile or tablet.
  4. Pre-Built Content (Beta)– You now have templates for dashboards which automatically fit to your data.

Hope you’re excited for some of these features like we are!

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Jon Boone
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