Our Cognetik “Plug & Play” Cloud Connector is now available for free, to the benefit of marketers and analysts worldwide!

  • Marketers and analysts can now use our Cognetik Cloud Connector to get their Adobe Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, AdWords, Bing Ads, and Kochava data in Tableau.
  • This is the only free connector of its kind, saving time & money for Tableau users worldwide   


  • 73% of the National Retail Federation’s top 100 US Retailers, including all top 15 retailers, use Tableau, according to a January 2017 Tableau release.  
  • Adobe Analytics has the largest market share within the top 50 online retailers, according to the 2017 “State of Digital Marketing Analytics in Top 1000 Online Retailers” Report.

At the start of Adobe Summit 2017, we announced the Private Beta of our Cloud Data Connector for Tableau. This was the first time a tool allowed marketers and analysts to connect directly to Adobe Analytics from inside Tableau. As a full-service analytics agency, we were thrilled to be able to give the industry a tool we developed ourselves, saving our teams an incredible amount of time every week since we started rolling it out to our Fortune 500 clients.
Today, I am excited to announce that the Cognetik Cloud Connector is available for free and public use worldwide. To access it, follow the instructions and videos on www.www.cognetik.com/datalove, or access tableau.www.cognetik.com from inside Tableau. 
Marketers and analysts are now able to tell a complete story inside Tableau, by quickly integrating marketing data, including spend, with clickstream data, all in one view. Until the launch of our Cognetik Cloud Connector, there was no way to directly connect to Adobe Analytics within Tableau. While there are some other manual and time-intensive options on the market, none are that easy to use, nor do they have automated refresh capabilities (which the Cognetik data connector does support― essentially, you set and forget it!)
Our Cloud Connector also integrates with other marketing platforms that are missing from Tableau: Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Kochava. More data connectors are being added monthly – with Youtube up next, as we plan to double the list within the next few months.

What’s in it for analysts? 

A free solution that saves analysts’ time and works on multiple platforms.

We were looking for a way to make life easier for our analysts, so we tried to build a unified solution that would work on all platforms (be it Windows or MacOS). It had to easily allow us to expand its capabilities while maintaining a simple and intuitive flow for the end user”  

Radu Lucaciu, the mind behind the connector's code, and our VP of Engineering
What’s in it for marketers?

As an example, the Cloud Data Connector has made it much easier for marketing people to understand the ROI of their AdWords campaigns, be less gut-driven, and more data-driven.

Often marketers would like to optimize campaigns based on multiple data sources. But these systems are not always aligned. One campaign may be performing best according to AdWords click through rate, while another is performing best according to Adobe Analytics’ conversion rate. Now, with the Cognetik Cloud Connector, these metrics can be better weighed against each other in a single visualization in Tableau.” 

Matt Alexander, Co-Founder & Chief Data Engineer
What’s in it for companies?

We were surely not the only company painfully building dashboards, so we decided to freely share it with our thriving analytics community. The connector will improve the time of your analysts, empowering them to extract transformational insights.

“In my experience, Tableau is the de facto data visualization tool enterprises use. And to the same extent, Adobe Analytics provides clickstream data. You’d think there’s a whole marketplace of connectors between these two perfectly suited tools. Think again! So we built one, primarily because our clients needed it. We also built few more connectors that were glaringly missing, like AdWords, Facebook Ads, and others. Our team’s efficiency building and refreshing Tableau dashboards skyrocketed!”  

Daniel Herdean, Co-Founder & CEO

At the end of the day, we analysts want to spend less time building dashboards and more time looking through the data to make better, more informed decisions. I encourage you to use the Cloud Connector at your heart’s content and share your feedback with us so we can make it better!

About the author

Catalin Iuga

Cat is a digital analytics expert with years of experience leading the analytics practice for some of the top companies in the world. Cat’s capabilities extend wide across the entire digital analytics landscape and his innovative insights consistently provide informed decisions that have affected millions of dollars in marketing spend.

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