Today is an exciting day for us! Jenn Kunz and I just boarded our flights for Romania, home of the ‘other half’ of Cognetik. We’re thrilled and humbled to announce the start of our Grand Analytics Tour in Romania, a series of free public events in 3 major cities, meant to share the wisdom and knowledge we built in the many years as analysts and engineers for Fortune 500 companies.
The Romanian team is an essential part of our business – we found a lot of very talented young professionals there, with an insatiable thirst for learning. We thought the best way to show our appreciation for Romania is by sharing with its students and professionals from our experience inside one of the fastest growing industries today.
These next 8 days mark the start of our initiative to help Romania’s savvy professionals, as well as students, shape their ideas about the world of analytics for Fortune 500 companies. Input from actuals practitioners is often decisive for someone’s future, and we are honoured to play a part in guiding Romanians in this exciting industry. We’re hyped to be a part of this tour, to be able to nurture future analysts & engineers as they grow in this industry.

We’ve set up a series of events at the major Universities and Tech Hubs in Bucharest, Cluj and Oradea, covering what an analyst’s career path looks like, as well as the vital role that an analyst plays in any business. We will try to cover everything from what the industry is looking for, what to follow and what to learn, as well as the benefits of working as an analyst.
But that’s just scraping the surface. We’ll also be speaking about next generation analytics products – data connectors, automated analysis and natural language generated insights – why being an analytics engineer is the hottest engineering job, as well as how to effectively convey insights through data visualization.
And we won’t stop here. We look forward to showcasing several real-life case studies from some of our Fortune 500 clients, where we generated millions of dollars in incremental revenue for them, by using digital analytics, analytics engineering and data viz to generate new insights.
We truly hope that what we do here will have an impact on the perspectives of many of Romania’s future careers. Come join us at one of the following events:

  1. Friday, May 5th, 18.00 –  Oradea Fortress – Tech Hub Meetup
  2. Monday, May 9th, 12.30 p.m. Oradea University
  3. Tuesday, May 9th, 18:30 – Cluj Informal School of IT Alumni Meetup
  4. Wednesday, May 10th,  14:00 –  Cluj FSEGA (Economics Faculty)
  5. Wednesday, May 10th,  18:00  – Cluj Big Data/Data Science Meet-up
  6. Thursday, May 11th,  10:00 – Bucharest, Romanian-American University
  7. Thursday, May 11th,  13:00Bucharest, ASE – Cybernetics Faculty
  8. Thursday, May 11th,  18:00Bucharest Computer Science University

Save your spot in Oradea, Cluj, Bucharest, let us know what you’d like hear about in a private message, or in a comment bellow, and don’t forget to share the above meetups with your friends!

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Daniel Herdean

Daniel Herdean
I bring leading expertise in the digital analytics sphere to Fortune 500 companies, providing both strategic and tactical support on digital operations across highly cross-functional situations. By leveraging data, I am passionate about solving the most difficult analytics challenges and accelerating businesses forward.

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