How are you planning on reporting all that holiday traffic this season?
With the shopping season approaching, analytics teams must collect data and combine it for analysis in a structured way. Most of us though are neck-deep into updating data collection, getting dashboards ready, performing optimization tests, and maybe even planning for 2019.
However, reporting for the holidays is especially important, as data needs to be recorded each holiday season to analyze trends and keep track of patterns. Once data is collected seasonally, you can examine ROI for that time period. In order to get a true sense of your company’s ROI, you need to first understand pre-click data and how the data is coming in (input) and not just the output which is normally the focus of an analysis.
Since our analytics experts have worked with dozens of Fortune 500 clients throughout time, we’ve built a list of metrics ecommerce businesses have traditionally looked into for their holiday traffic reports. Today, we’re publishing this list of metrics to keep track of on a seasonal basis so you can get started with your analysis process.
Any other other metrics you’d like to add? When looking at them, ask yourself if you believe you have the right data collection in place so that you can trust its integrity as you report on these metrics.

Holiday Data Collection

Conversion Performance
☐  Holiday Promo codes and names
☐  Discounts
☐  Coupons
☐  Gift card redemption
☐  Cost of goods sold (COGS)
☐  Refunds/Returns/Cancellations
☐  Call center sales/orders
☐  Memberships/buyer clubs sign ups
☐  Credit card sign-ups
☐  Pre-order redemptions
☐  Shipping times and cost
☐  Lead form submissions
Merchandising Performance
☐  Cross-sells, Up-sells, Bundles, Add-ons
☐  Gift card sales
☐  Carousel recommendation performance
☐  Page zones with promos
☐  Out of stock product views
☐  Hierarchy of holiday products with friendly names
☐  Search terms leading to out of stock products
☐  Product finding methods
☐  Add-to-cart locations
☐  Participation of site sections in conversions
Site Performance
☐  Page error codes
☐  Page load times
☐  Top exit pages
☐  Checkout abandonment rate
☐  Average checkout times
☐  Seasonal site search terms
☐  Search terms leading to zero results
☐  Key file downloads
☐  Time on site, time on site sections
Marketing Performance
☐  Vanity URLs for print catalogs
☐  Vanity URLs for offline media spots
☐  Online catalog referrals
☐  CPC ad clicks
☐  Paid, organic, and owned social network traffic attribution
☐  Paid search, natural search, banner ad, email campaign, and other marketing channel attribution
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