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We’re thrilled and honored to announce that for a second year in a row, one of our analytics experts is a guest speaker at the ObservePoint Summit. Last year, our CEO, Daniel Herdean, tackled the pressing topic of how to combine multiple data sources to tell the whole story. This year, our analytics manager, Chris Peters will offer a data-driven perspective on product design within mobile applications.
Chris describes himself as being passionate about shifting entire organizational cultures to data-driven organizations at all levels. With a multidisciplinary background in digital analytics, marketing automation, project management, sales, and product management, Chris will present a couple of strong reasons why every company should make a priority of data-driven product design decisions.The world of web product design benefits from a suite of testing tools and easy methods to acquire data. However, data becomes even more crucial when it comes to mobile applications due to limited testing ability and a longer development cycle.
ObservePoint Analytics Summit is a free, one-day virtual event that includes some of the brightest minds from the analytics industry. With more than 5,000 digital professionals from marketing, analytics, and data governance, the event is an excellent opportunity for analysts, marketers, but also decision-makers.
The event will take place online on Thursday, October, 25th, and it’s all FREE. Following a presentation of 30 minutes to one hour, the speakers will leave attendees with actionable tactics on how to leverage data collection for business insights.
Here are a few confirmed speakers:

  • Chris Slovak, VP, Global Sales Solutions at Tealium
  • Eric Dumain, VP, Product in Product Management, ObservePoint
  • Krista Seiden, Product Manager, Google Analytics

After each session, attendees can address questions to the speakers, and by the end of the event, they will gain valuable insights on how to how to converge data strategy and data governance’, what growth marketing really is, and how anyone can do it. Attendees will also be able to find the intersection between customer experience, brand goals, and technology, all while gaining a competitive advantage.
If you’re just a novice in the analytics industry, or you have substantial experience in this field, the event will leave any professional at the end of the day with at least a couple of practical ideas on how to improve the way they’re collecting data and leverage actual business insights.
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