Analytics Manager


Location: Romania & United States
Employment type: Full-time


Cognetik is a full-service digital analytics agency specializing in generating business insights and recommendations from their clients' clickstream and offline data. Cognetik provides services to some of the largest enterprises in the world across the entire digital analytics landscape: digital analytics strategy, data collection engineering, data integration, funnel analysis, measurement plans, forecasting, regression, cluster analysis, marketing analytics and real-time personalization.

What we are looking for?

Bachelor’s degree
Passionate about online data
Ability to communicate with all levels of the company
Experience with employee training
Experience using common business tools (Excel) as well as web analytics platforms (Adobe Analytics)
Industry experience in digital marketing and web analytics

What you will do?

Oversee a team of digital analysts supporting the implementation of analytics initiatives
Manage delegation of tasks and ensure timely execution of deliverables
Facilitate clear communication of clients’ analytics requirements to the team and monitor deployments of analytics solutions
Adapt and apply various technologies, strategies, and methodologies based on Cognetik’s services
Work with leadership to understand both current and future business needs in the areas of analytics and reporting

* we accept remote work, no relocation needed

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