Senior Data Analyst

Senior Data Analyst

Location: Romania & United States
Employment type: Full-time


Cognetik is a full-service digital analytics agency specializing in generating business insights and recommendations from their clients' clickstream and offline data. Cognetik provides services to some of the largest enterprises in the world across the entire digital analytics landscape: digital analytics strategy, data collection engineering, data integration, funnel analysis, measurement plans, forecasting, regression, cluster analysis, marketing analytics and real-time personalization.

What we are looking for?

Attention to detail, results oriented, customer focused, team player, leader
Ability to deal with ambiguity, strong problem solving skills, exercise sound business judgment
Ability to identify and implement continuous process improvement
Strong verbal and written communication skills, ability to translate data into meaningful information in a concise and effective manner
Advanced Excel and PowerPoint skills, SQL querying skills
Bachelor’s degree
Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities to align with current business needs
Dedication to learning and developing skill set
General understanding of digital marketing tools and techniques
Interest in learning new enterprise analytics oriented tools
Strong communication skills, both spoken and written
Love of digging through data to find business value and curating a compelling story from complex analyses
Ability to excel in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment

What you will do?

Work with analyst team to identify reporting needs, metrics, and systems
Create and manage a reporting rhythm and process for multiple clients
Utilize tools such as Excel, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Cognetik, Tableau, and SQL to improve efficiency of analysis and report production
Provide marketing analysis from discovery to delivery stages which include gathering data, report creation, project management, and data presentation
Work to not only create ‘content-rich’ reports but also ones that are insightful and present well

* we accept remote work, no relocation needed

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