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Learn about the history of Cognetik and how we came together, who our fearless leaders are, and where our teams call home.



Meeting of the Minds

A Meeting of the Minds

Our story begins with two people, a chance meeting, and a strong desire to change the world. Cat Iuga and Daniel Herdean have always had the same goals in mind: to break free from the norm, create their own destiny, and inspire change. So when they first met, it wasn’t just coincidence.


In 2000, Cat and Daniel were leading separate charity organizations and crossed paths while working on a local fundraising event together in the LA area. Their love for giving back to the community brought them together, but fate kept reuniting them over the course of the next decade.

The Road to Analytics

The Road to Analytics

From the beginning, Cat has always been a critical thinker and an analyzer. Once he realized that analytics was the perfect field for that type of thinking, he pursued it wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, Daniel was working at a digital agency and discovered the need for analytics and its impact. He knew that leading with data could bring success and make a real difference. His knack for problem-solving, combined with his willingness to roll up his sleeves, allowed him to tackle the analytics industry head-on. 


After growing their careers in parallel and leading digital initiatives for Mazda and Ford that propelled those companies forward, Cat convinced Daniel to join him at Sears to build their analytics practice. Cat and Daniel knew they could achieve more, with their strong desire to make a difference as their driving force. However, changing the world wouldn’t be easy. It would involve taking risks.

The True Beginning of Cognetik

In 2011, Cat and Daniel charted their own path together and began consulting and providing analytics services that were in high demand. This was the true beginning of Cognetik: A company founded on friendship, competitive spirits, shared interests, and a similar mission. This mission was to lead clients in using data to build amazing customer experiences, but Cat and Daniel’s journey was just beginning.


With the demand for data and insights on the rise, the duo hunted down the best engineering expert they knew: Matt Alexander. Matt consulted with Cat and Daniel at a previous company, and his rockstar engineering skills, experience in Adobe, excellent client rapport, and strong work ethic was the perfect fit to help expand Cognetik’s services. 

Building the Team & Infrastructure

With three executive members on board, the focus was to use the skills at hand to ensure the success of Cognetik. However, this was no easy task. Having the right skills simply wasn’t enough. Something was missing.


To come up with a solution, the team began putting their energy into relentlessly providing value to each client and aligning business outcomes to advance the careers of their stakeholders.


This approach has led to long-standing client partnerships and trusted stakeholder relationships that have carried from one organization to another. It’s from this that Cognetk’s working relationships skyrocketed.  


To keep meeting the needs of all their clients, the Cognetik team began to grow within the U.S. At this time, Cognetik also started building products from the ground up. Product development has always been in Cognetik’s DNA, and they were (and still are) used to enhance the services provided. 

Becoming a Global Organization

To continue the momentum, the Cognetik team needed to expand. Of course, Cat and Daniel wouldn’t be where they are today without their original humanitarian efforts and cultural connection to Romania, so the search went global. 


In 2012, three executive members became four. Radu Lucaciu joined Cognetik’s leadership team to lead product development and spearhead a new team in Romania. Radu was highly sought after because of his connections in the tech industry, engineering expertise, and compassionate leadership style, which have greatly shaped those offices across the Atlantic.

Moving Forward

Since then, we at Cognetik continue to push the boundaries in using data to provide value to our amazing, loyal clients. Our focus has always been on helping others, and that shows in the strong relationships we’ve built. This was (and still is) the real core of Cognetik: Providing whatever our clients need so they can achieve their goals.


Cognetik is here to change the world by using the power of data. Day in and day out, we apply our high level of expertise, drive, and passion for bringing solutions to the Fortune 1000, and we’re in it 100%.



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