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AAA Marketting

Cognetik operates as an "all-in" partner, integrating themselves completely as a member of the team.  At AAA, we have relied on them heavily to extend our team and provide expertise in web analytics. They are deeply experienced in both the implementation side of web analytics, as well as insights, analysis and reporting. Our implementation of Adobe Analytics has been complex, and Cognetik has been an invaluable resource in guiding us through that complexity. We have expanded and extended their role several times over the past year as a result.

Jared Vestal
VP, Global Channel
Development at Signal

The Cognetik team, in effect, was our outsourced analytics arm, providing anything from business metrics review to solution design to expert implementation, and everything in between. They have expert prowess with Adobe analytics, and best-in-class experience creating the data layer to ingest information into all enterprise analytics platforms.

They excel at their ability to quickly apply impactful business prioritization to the data and insights discipline, which is rare. In addition to being experts in dashboarding, web analytics, testing, and all traditional areas of analytics, they also have deep experience in attribution modeling and multi-channel analytics. With data and insights driving nearly every component of digital optimization, the value in their broad expertise is hard to overstate.

Andy Feierfeil
Senior Group Manager
Mobile at Target

Cognetik was a key analytics partner for and Mobile who helped arm us with the necessary analytical capabilities and actionable reporting that helped drive business and guest impact.

Specifically, Cognetik provided our digital business and product teams with funnel analyses that aided in identifying key flows that represented optimization opportunities, traffic analyses that informed marketing and landing page optimization as well as routing and acquisition strategies, development andv automation of dashboard performance monitoring and reporting capabilities, multiscreen analyses that aided our ecosystem optimization strategy tactics, and analysis of guest behavior across our native apps to inform complete native app redesigns.

I highly recommend Cognetik to any company that is wanting to better understand the performance of their digital experiences and product performance and build up their digital analytical horsepower. Cognetik was critical to establishing Target's early analytical foundation and framework used to understand our mobile platforms and inform opportunities.

Anya Cheng
Senior Director, Mobile 
Product at Target

The Cognetik team provided the analysis that informed our product roadmap which eventually led Target to win awards for their iPad and mobile apps.

My product management teams at Target and Sears pushed the innovation envelope to the bleeding edge and Cognetik supplied us with the data and insights to make sure we don’t fall off the edge or play it too safe. I rely on them to collect the right data knowing our business goals, to integrate it with other systems so we can have the full picture, reduce our dependence on IT by setting all tracking through a TMS, and build the business cases we need to get the exec buy-in on cool stuff we’re working on.

They are pros and I’m glad to have worked with them so far and will consider working with them in the future.

Even one of the largest and most successful retailers in the country has room for improvement through data