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Your data from any source to any warehouse. FOR FREE.
No strings attached!


Take all that delicious marketing, analytics, cloud data and send it to any data warehouse, such as Amazon Redshift, MySQL, MS SQL, BigQuery etc, with ZERO costs.

The new Data Streams tool allows you to freely extract and import all your data to your warehouse
of choice.


Data Warehouses

BI & Analysis Tools

You're probably asking ...

Why are you giving it away for free?
Its makers are on a mission to improve the world of analytics.
What’s the catch?
None. Tools are not how we make money. Check out our services.
Alternatives cost thousands.
Our tools will always be free.
Do I need IT support?
No. Setup is very easy & takes 5 minutes. No coding required.
Is my data secure?
Yes. OAuth 2.0 for authorization and we don’t store your data.
Can I automate recurring transfers?
Yes. You can a create custom schedule for your transfers.
More questions? Check out our Support Center or Contact Us.


Any Cloud Service
Easily connect to the most popular marketing, analytics and cloud data sources.

Any Database
Transfer your data to your preferred database, so you can take action on all your data.

Any BI Tool
Analyze your data or build beautiful data visualizations using the BI tool of your choice.

No Scripts Required
You won’t need to contact IT for support or write any code because no scripts are required.

Click & Drag Setup
Select your data source, data destination, metrics & dimensions and click submit. Voila!

Preview Data Streams
You can preview the data before you start the transfer to make sure you’re loading what you expect.

Custom Mapping
Define how your data is mapped into your target data destination.

Scheduled Streams
Set the time, day and cadence you want your data transferred with custom scheduling.

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Analysts about Data Streams

Coolest thing I've seen so far since Ive been here!! Thanks for sharing @Jenn_Kunz... #UnSummit2017

Randy Floyd, Jr

@Jenn_Kunz left has built API integrator for Adobe Analytics to pipe in report data directly in Tableau. So cool! #unsummit2017 #adobesummit

Craig Scribner‏

Wow. Nicely done @Jenn_Kunz for those of you bringing #AdobeAnalytics and other data together in Tableau.

Benjamin Gaines
Just copy paste this link in Tableau to get started: