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Cognetik helps you see and interact with all your data in one place

Improve the user experience from messaging, landing page optimization, navigation, content placement, user flow and more.

Cognetik is ideal for you if…

you want something better than Excel dashboards
your current solution is too expensive
you want expert analysts building actionable dashboards at no cost
you want to build a dashboard within hours rather than weeks
you want to see your Adobe Analytics and CRM data fused into one story
you can’t directly connect to Adobe Analytics or other cloud data sources via your current solution
you have to manually refresh your data
you depend on IT to source your data
you have to invest a considerable amount of time build a dashboard with your current solution
you want to view dashboards on your phone
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Accelerate analytics within your company with Cognetik’s consulting services

Cognetik’s analytics experts-only approach can provide you with solutions across the entire analytics stack, from strategy and data collection to marketing analytics, user experience optimization and automated reporting.

Services we provide...

Automated Reporting (say goodbye to spreadsheets)
Data Strategy (product and platform agnostic)
Data Collection (trust your web, app, and TMS data)
Product Analytics (build better experiences)
Marketing Analytics (improve your marketing spend)
Predictive Analytics (know the future)
Product Optimization (test and learn)
Personalization (product and content relevancy)
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