Connect to All Your Data Without Leaving Tableau

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Connect to Your
Cloud Data Sources

Bring all your data together into one unified view by seamlessly connecting with all your cloud data sources. Integrating your data across all channels provides you with more opportunities for smart decision-making and transformational insights.

Getting your Adobe Analytics data directly into Tableau is now possible, and easier than ever.

Connect to many other sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads, DoubleClick, Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Bing Ads and Kochava.

Our list of data sources and connectors is continuously growing.



We use the same security protocols used by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. We don’t sell, store, or access your data in any way. Our product and your queries are secure.

Our tools use OAuth, the most secure data sharing protocol available, to connect to data sources.

No need to type in your password in order to use our products. OAuth authorizes devices, APIs, servers, and applications with access tokens rather than credentials.

All data is transferred using SSL encrypted HTTPS connections, and Cognetik only uses official APIs for data access.

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Data Blending from
Multiple Sources

Data Blocks enables you to combine multiple data sources into one data extract for your Tableau workbook or dashboard.

Manage all of your extracts from one screen and retrieve data all at once.

Reduce the amount of data extracts you publish to the Tableau server.

Automate data refreshes to save time.

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Custom Calendars &
Time Zone Support

The Cognetik Cloud Connector gives you the power to use a Custom calendar or Retail calendar inside Tableau, with the option to choose granularity and have your extracted data aggregated for you.

Have calendar options with the ability to set the time zone: Standard, Retail, or Custom.

Set granularity levels to have the Cognetik Cloud Connector aggregate your extracted data at a daily, weekly, or monthly level.

Use Date Expressions, one of the most in-demand features for all analytics practitioners, especially those working with Adobe Analytics.

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Simple to Setup & Use

The Cognetik Cloud Connector allows you to quickly import your marketing and clickstream data directly into Tableau and easily build dashboards with just a few clicks in our interface.

Eliminate manual, time-consuming data collection and migration processes. Spend more time on analysis and making better, more informed decisions.

Refresh data directly in Tableau with just one click.

Seamlessly iterate through ideas and perform unobstructed real-time analysis.

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Quick Data Preview

Preview your request before creating a data extract in Tableau, which allows you to quickly explore your data and have the correct queries in place.

Data preview is expedited with Cognetik’s distributed API engine, which processes the data and eliminates the need to wait for Tableau to create a local database for the extract.

Preview the first 100 rows to make sure everything is in order.

Easier data exploration with Search, Sorting, and Pagination features.

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