Easily Move Data from Any Data Source Into Your Own Warehouse

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Stream Data from Any Data Source
into Your Own Warehouse

Cognetik Data Streams makes it easy to extract and transfer all of your data into your warehouse, eliminating time-consuming manual processes so you can get to insights faster.

Seamlessly connect and pull data from the top marketing and clickstream sources like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, DoubleClick, Facebook, and more, and move it into your Data Warehouse.

Move data from one warehouse into another, including Snowflake, Teradata, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, and MongoDB.

Easily visualize your data using any BI tool: Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, Domo, Looker, or any other.

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We use the same security protocols used by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. We don’t sell, store, or access your data in any way. Our product and your queries are secure.

Our tools use OAuth, the most secure data sharing protocol available, to connect to data sources.

No need to type in your password in order to use our products. OAuth authorizes devices, APIs, servers, and applications with access tokens rather than credentials.

All data is transferred using SSL encrypted HTTPS connections, and Cognetik only uses official APIs for data access.

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Assuring security for enterprises
Custom Mapping

Custom Mapping

Define how your data is mapped to the destination schema.

Maintain control of your data as it migrates from data sources to data destinations.

Create custom data models by applying segments or filters according to your needs.

Filter data by any metric or dimension.

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Scheduled Streams

Set up recurring streams and custom scheduling to automate data extracts.

Run a single, one-time stream or schedule a recurring stream to automate data migration according to your business needs.

We provide complete flexibility: Define when the import will start and end, and select how often and when it runs.

Create customized streams using our calendar, granularity, and time zone features.

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Scheduled Streams
Data Accuracy and Precision

Data Precision

Preview your data to make sure it’s the desired outcome.

Quickly explore your data, get an overview, and make sure you picked the right queries before migrating your data.

Preview the first 100 rows to make sure everything is in order.

Save and let Cognetik Data Streams do the work.

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Simple to Set Up & Use

Cognetik Data Streams offers quick access to data and is easy to use, whether you’re an analyst or an engineer.

Set up takes just minutes.

No coding or SQL skills needed.

Easily migrate data from any source into your own data warehouse.

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