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Analysis to Help Drive User Adoption of Mobile App

Learn how we helped a client serving millions of customers achieve the desired adoption rate of their new mobile ordering app features.

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Successful Journey Toward Advanced Analytics

Learn how we helped transform a client's company culture to be analytics-based, in one of our most enduring partnerships.

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Rearchitecting Data Collection to Improve Business Decisions

Discover how we helped a client rearchitect their analytics implementation and create a trustworthy data environment that increased insights at a user-level and significantly improved decision-making at a business-level.

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Unlocking the Real Data Needs of Data Processes

Learn how we structured and standardized the data practice of one of the world’s largest fast food restaurant chains by helping them with their data collection and reporting.

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Data Governance to Improve Reporting

See how we helped one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies eliminate data redundancy, curate through thousands of unnecessary segments, and harness a collaborative, data-driven spirit across multiple teams.

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Implementing a Mobile Data Layer to Fix Tracking Gaps

Learn what happened when the mobile app of a quick-service restaurant chain was operating with a data layer so plagued with issues that the business wasn't able to produce reliable reports and insights.

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The Journey to Automation at One Press of a Button

Discover how we helped transform the reporting process for a QSR industry leader by switching from manually reporting their transactional and clickstream data to using an automated solution.

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Doubled Conversion Rate With Data-Driven Design

See how we analyzed and transformed the mobile app and tablet experience for one of the largest retailers in the country, leading to increased conversion rates and an award-winning product.

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Identifying Friction Points by Mapping Out the Customer Journey

Learn how we helped conduct an in-depth customer journey analysis that provided insights and increased in-app ordering for a quick-service restaurant.

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Optimizing the User Experience with User Journey Analysis

Learn how we helped a leading QSR gain trustworthy data that delivered compelling insights and optimized their website’s user experience.

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A/B Testing that Informed Effective UX Redesign Across Multiple Platforms

Discover how we helped one of the largest e-commerce companies develop a comprehensive website redesign that vastly improved user engagement and conversion rates

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Using Data Science to Uncover Profitable Revenue Sources

See how we leveraged data science to generate insights for a QSR business that improved customer satisfaction, increased average check size, and decreased total service time.

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