Doubled Conversion Rate With Data-Driven Design

The Challenge

The app experience of one of the largest retailers in the country wasn’t performing the way they had hoped. Most users visited the tablet app for research and inspiration for in-store purchases instead of making purchases directly through the app. Mobile website traffic was also much lower and usually had an augmented desktop experience. The client engaged our team to analyze the user experience for insights on how to increase purchase conversions.

The Solution

Our insights team conducted a deep-dive user experience analysis of their tablet app, measuring both top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel activities. The analysis revealed that:


  • 66% of users exited the weekly ad section after only the second screen.
  • 80% of the home screen real estate only accounted for 20% of user interactions.
  • 38% of users were experiencing crashes.
  • 84% of users exited the app between the cart and checkout.


Even with these challenges, tablet users converted a better percentage of visits into purchases than the retailer’s mobile experience. The mobile experience was converting purchases, but it was losing too many customers along the way.


Our analysts recommended redesigning the mobile experience to enhance the customer’s shopping experience by giving them the option to shop the way they want. Data showed that users of the tablet app shopped differently than other mobile experiences, so our analysts recommended four shopping paths:

A Weekly Ad: A shoppable, interactive ad for those looking for the current week’s  sale items.

The Storefront: Easy-to-find categories, occasions, and storytelling to help the users find the product they’re looking for.

Inspiration:  A never-ending collection of inspirational images users could browse and even upload on their own.

Explore: A content hub that allows users to engage in content and tap on featured products within the content to add to their shopping cart.

Furthermore, we provided insights to streamline the checkout process. Our analysis revealed that the majority of users dropped out between the cart and checkout. So we provided recommendations to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

The Results

2 X


The conversion rate doubled compared to the previous version of the tablet app.



By streamlining the checkout process and reducing cart abandonment rate, conversions increased for the mobile experience.



The tablet app, as reimagined according to our analysis and recommendations, won a Webby Award for its great user experience.