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As your analytics partner our sole concern is your profit

We deliver results-driven solutions across the entire analytics stack: from strategy and data collection to marketing analytics, user experience analysis and automated reporting.

Data Insights services

Compelling actionability

Analytics reports are not enough. You need distilled insights that surprise, ignite imagination, unify teams, and compel confident and clear action. Be it through our Automated Dashboards or User Experience Funnel Analysis, our experts will deliver transformational insights that will improve your business or digital experience, and generate more revenue for your business.

Data Insights services we offer:

Automated dashboards
Automated anomaly detection alerts
Tableau dashboards
User experience funnel analysis
Marketing campaign analysis
Sales analysis and forecasting
Business case research and development
Voice of the customer (VOC) analysis

Data Collection services

Gain trust in your data

If you're collecting the wrong data, none of the reports will make sense, analysis won’t be possible and there will be no insights to find. Our experts will design and build an analytics framework that aligns with your business goals and, equally important, reduces the time to insight. Cognetik delivers trusted and actionable data that can be executed quickly.

Data Collection services we offer:

Measurement plan creation
Data collection, tracking and technology audit
Web and app analytics solution design and implementation
Tag Management System (TMS) solution design and implementation
Adobe Analytics, Adobe DTM, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Signal, Ensighten, Tealium, Adobe Audience Manager, Bluekai and Krux implementation

Data Connection services

See the whole story

A unified view of your data provides more opportunities for insights and improved decision making because you have one view of the whole story. Know the what, how, who, where, and the why. Our experts will architect, build and automate the integration of all your data, so you can tell the whole story from impression to sale or desktop to mobile.

Data Connection services we offer:

Multi-channel and cross-device solution design and implementation
Data Management Platform (DMP) solution design and implementation
Marketing, digital analytics, CRM and transactional data integration
Online to in-store customer stitching and data integration

Data Personalization services

Relevance is king

Unlock new levels of relevance by aligning your user experience personalization with your customer’s intent at the most timely moment. Our experts will build a personalization framework, so you can target customers with relevant messaging and products across any device, anytime and in real-time.

Data Personalization services we offer:

A/B and multivariate testing configuration and analysis
Adobe Target, Google Experiments, Optimizely, Monetate and SiteSpect implementation
User experience and content personalization strategy and implementation
DMP user segment creation and CMS integration

Technologies we use (and love)

We have experience with most business intelligence tools.

We have the right team, technology and experience to help you maximize your data's value

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