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The optimization DNA of
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Remove the guesswork of identifying what works best for your users by testing your ideas and creating personalized experiences. Dissect the results of your data experiments to help set you up for success. Protect your business, KPIs, and bottom lines.



Conversion Rate Optimization

Successful digital businesses don’t make decisions based on feelings or personal preferences. They experiment and discover the most effective ways to reach their target.


By applying conversion optimization techniques to your digital properties, reviewing results, and acting on them, you set the foundations of an experimentation culture inside your company.


Test, discover, and learn what your audience likes, and deliver just what they need at the right time and in the right format.

If a seemingly perfect solution brings results lower than anticipated, it is better to know in advance before implementing it at full scale. That way, you can tweak it or revamp it into something that will deliver those groundbreaking vibes you strive for.


Embed an experimentation-focused culture in your company’s DNA. Empower your teams’ talent and creativity as you search for the perfect message, marketing campaign, user experience design, or software solution.

You might think you know what your users want and how they search your website, but in reality, everyone thinks different. The only way to know for sure is by extracting actionable knowledge out of what data has to say about their preferences.


Optimize the look and feel of your site or app with a data-informed and data-driven product design. Leverage the power of data to provide your users a product design that answers their expectations and adapts to your digital properties. That way, you get the highest return and deliver the best user experience possible.

A personalized user journey is no longer a luxury, but rather a must-have for a successful digital business. Use advanced personalization tactics to deliver a targeted customer experience for each platform.  


Deliver engaging and relevant experiences to your customers with a UX designed with them in mind as you drive loyalty, retention, and satisfaction. Extend the personalization to many more attributes, including where your users come from, what they might be interested in, and subscriber information.

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Funnel Optimization

Few metrics have as direct of an influence on sales and revenue as your shopping cart abandonment rate. By analyzing  your checkout flow to identify the friction points your users experience, we can help identify solutions to increase your check-out rate.


Our team leads digital transformation for the world’s largest retailers. We’re ready help you track, test, and find the best solutions that reduce cart abandonment.

Full UI change: Discover which new design ideas will most impact your conversion rates and test them properly before implementation. Before understanding what services or products you offer, the UI is your first contact with the user, so it’s paramount to make a right first impression.


Form optimization: A simple form optimization can drastically increase your subscription rate, but prioritizing and finding the best approach to tackle often requires fine tuning and solid expertise.

Implement multichannel optimization and usability tests for your website and mobile app.


Today, consumers are no longer found in just one store or one single website, but on multiple channels, often at once. A successful business will target users across multiple channels at the right time and in an adaptable manner.


Establishing a digital presence across all channels means you will need to optimize the way you address your users, but in turn it can drastically boost your revenues.

Server-side testing: Leveraging server-side testing to broaden the technical capability of testing is especially valuable when it comes to omni-channel opportunities. Test completely different flows for one page and perform more technical and in-depth, multipage testing.


App testing: Before releasing a version update or new app features, you want to A/B test each feature separately so you can anticipate which element will impact your product. You also want to use this information to optimize existing in-app features. By performing tests before launch, especially if there are multiple updates in one deployment, you can ensure that one feature update doesn’t cannibalize performance or KPIs for another new or updated feature.

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