Data Analysis


Dig into user journey analysis, deep dive analysis, and advanced customer targeting to gain factual evidence and help uncover insights for your business.



Deep Dive Analysis

Funnel analysis: If the data you’re basing your sales on is biased, then your decisions will also be biased. Analyze events data to attribute conversion rates to specific user behavior and drive marketing ROI.


Traffic analysis: Get a detailed analysis of your traffic, segments, micro and macro conversion events, purchasing metrics, customer loyalty, campaigns, channels, and more.


Remarketing & behavioral analysis: See what your users’ most valuable paths to purchase are. Leverage your knowledge about users behavior to maximize the output of your remarketing campaigns and generate high-value behavioral insights.

Search term analysis: What people search for varies greatly and brings in visitors that have different expectations and needs. Analyze how search terms impact your conversions through cutting-edge data analytics and statistics.


Ad spend analysis: 2017 was the year digital ad spending finally beat TV. But often a very small size of your users account for a very large size of your profit. An ad spend analysis will help you optimize your digital marketing spend every step of the customer journey through text, video, display, and more.

An online order may involve four to five touchpoints. How do you attribute value across those various touchpoints? Which of your marketing activities are sensitive to various attribution windows and which always make money, regardless of the attribution window?


Back in the 19th century, a Philadelphia retailer named John Wanamaker allegedly said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Advanced marketing attribution models change that by looking at traffic analysis, video analysis, content analysis, slideshows analysis, polls, surveys, as well as online to in-store so that you can optimize your marketing spend.

Your creative marketing team needs to speed through content marketing strategies and implementations faster than ever before. Help them increase their content velocity and think different about creating, managing, and promoting content.


Get a better understanding of how users are engaging with your content. Know and measure what content delivers a long-lasting relationship with your users. Or ask us about a regional content analysis to know which content drives your users, regardless of the type: text, audio, video, etc.

Finding data-driven answers to your business questions can make all the difference to your analytics initiative. You need to be able to trust the insights generated by your data, but you also need to know what tools to use to find them.


We work with the best tools on the market, such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Ensighten, Adobe Launch, Google Tag Manager, Optimizely, Pulse, and Signal.

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User Journey Analysis

Drive loyalty and increase customer retention through cohort and retention analysis.


Whether you’re selling software, cars, groceries, financial services, or insurance, you know that acquiring new customers is just the first step to success. Customer retention is one of the four levers that will drive your revenue.


Retaining customers, earning more of their business, and turning customers into advocates for your brand is critical to surviving and thriving in an ever-competitive world.

Understand the full lifetime customer value (LCV) so that you can spend your marketing budget where it can boost campaign results and generate the highest returns, the data-driven way.


Isolating the impact of one digital investment over another is often difficult. We’ll help you understand which digital levers impact retention, how your marketing programs affect income from specific target groups, or how the product mix is influencing the lifetime value of your customers and where you should invest for maximum returns.

Cluster analysis: Increase targeting relevance by using sophisticated data science algorithms to analyze data clusters and discover new customer segments.


Advanced customer segmentation: Empower yourself to generate better, meaningful insights through advanced customer segmentation.

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Advanced Customer Targeting

Every site visitor is unique. They have different objectives and expectations when they enter a site, each taking different paths as they navigate through toward their desired destination.


Before we can address how to increase conversions, we must first understand the various user segments, including their behaviors and motivators. Once we’ve identified our user segments, we develop expectations to measure against actual behavior. The variance between initial expectations and actual outcomes is where insights are gained.

A funnel analysis is a comprehensive analysis of an entire site, focusing on key flows within the site that impact major KPIs, like conversion or revenue. A funnel analysis also provides recommendations to identify and remove roadblocks in the UX and optimize user experience.


The ultimate goal is to identify the biggest user friction points and optimize site flows in order to increase conversions.

UX competitor comparisons of digital properties is often included in an overall User Journey Analysis. When assessing the competition, we take on the persona of the target audience and go through various paths within their sites and apps.


Understanding your competition is critical to any successful business. What do your competitors do well and what could they improve? This may be an opportunity to capitalize on their weaknesses.

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