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Build end-to-end machine learning pipelines from data collection, processing, feature engineering, optimization, evaluation, visualization, and to deployment. Gain insights to build the models you need to improve decision-making, customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and optimize business operations.



Machine Learning Deployment for Businesses

Use advanced data visualizations and root cause analysis to help detect business problems and determine their cause and origin.

Learn how image recognition, NLP, fraud detection, and supply chain optimization can optimize your business.


Detect fraudulent images or listings, determine how customers feel about your product/releases and business, determine market trends, and improve supply chain logistics.

Utilize content based, collaborative filtering, hybrid, and novel recommendation systems to recommend the right products, at the right time, to the right customer. We can deploy recommendation systems and optimize through A/B testing based on KPI’s.


We provide dynamic pricing models, smarter cross sell, and smarter up sell to predict conversion rate changes and optimize profit.

We build time series models of business’ KPIs or sensor data. By using real time anomaly detection through machine learning, we can help detect changes in KPIs, understand the cause of those changes, and determine determine if revenue drops are due to seasonality, noise, or from underperforming products and markets.

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Machine Learning Deployment for Customer Targeting

Use state-of-the-art data visualizations from the latest technology stacks to simplify complicated data for business stakeholders and reveal actionable insights in a simple, organized format.


Learn the value of your customers by clustering and segmenting them via unsupervised machine learning models, combined with SME knowledge. 


Maximize and quantify value and revenue for each customer segment and marketing channel.

Leverage model output to know where to spend your marketing budget. Learn how Marketing directives and spend optimization based on customer segmentation models ensure the highest ROI possible for marketing.


Use LTV modeling for each customer and customer segmentations. We can predict customer lifetime value as well as value score to plan for the future, create more accurate revenue forecasts, optimize incentive spend, and optimize and develop products.

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