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Get a full picture of your business with strategic planning processes and data visualization tools. Comprehend massive amounts of data quickly and easily, and gain insights into the behaviors of your business.



Strategic Dashboards

When it’s time to make an important business decision, executives are the people within the company who ultimately have the last say. They can’t afford to lose touch with the real story behind the numbers. Executives need to have a full understanding of what data has to say across all levels of the organization.


Arm them with the proper data. They need to know that they made the best decision possible to drive their businesses forward.

How did marketing and sales go today? Who visited your website with a clear intention to buy? How far are you from your goals? All these questions need to be addressed by your marketing and sales teams. Their time is valuable and they can’t afford to lose it by bouncing between different platforms and reports.


When a marketer or salesperson works with dashboards that combine multiple data sources, he or she is able to tell the whole story, find out exactly how to spend budgets, and the steps they need to take in order to perfect their campaigns and get that sale.

What is your net retention? How’s the percentage of new vs. returning users? How many tickets did your customers submit this month? What’s your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)? What’s your churn rate?  


See in real time what adjustments and tweaks your strategy needs to answer all the questions above, and more.

Are you ready for your next investors’ meeting? How are your finances looking? Should you start cutting costs? Or maybe it’s time to start strategically investing in additional operations.


Financial dashboards will let you see at a glance your organization’s fiscal performance, and how it stacks up against critical KPIs such as Revenue, Quick Ratio, Current Ratio, and so forth.


Don’t miss an opportunity to make crucial decisions because you were disconnected from your company’s performance.

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Operational Dashboards

The best way to know how to improve a product, see if anything is not working the way you expect, or identify what feature to add next, is to understand how people actually use your tool.


There’s no better way to do so than with a personalized dashboard where you can stay connected in real time with the way people interact with your product.


Help your product and engineering teams instantly know what users want from their builds.

You invest a lot in your infrastructure. Summarize the health of your systems for faster decisions with less errors.


When was your site last down? How about each of your servers? What’s the uptime percentage of your servers? How many occurences does your particular system failure have? Do you keep track of the average repair time? The metrics to keep track of are infinite.


See the health of your digital systems, when and if they crash, what errors your users get, and how long it takes for you to fix them.

Which is your most efficient department? How about the most profitable? How’s your attrition rate? Do you have any complaints this month? Is there a department that is understaffed?


Get a real time view of all your personnel needs so you can properly forecast staffing and stay ahead of potential hiring gaps.

How many calls does your support department take every month? What’s your average wait time? What’s the longest wait time? What’s the percentage of calls answered, and how many users hang up before you can take their calls? How many tickets did your users submit? How many tickets are solved, and how long does it take to solve them?


Together we can help you identify which of these answers will give you your next transformational insights and drastically reduce the time spent by your team bouncing between support data.

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Teams working with operational dashboards


Business Intelligence Services

Automate the entire process to bypass the pain of manually refreshing data in your dashboards.


Our Cognetik dashboarding team is highly trained in building insightful dashboards that provide a full view of your department’s operations. We empower you to tackle a wide variety of dashboards, from the pressing report of the day, to critical long-term business strategy visualizations.

Create a data modeling document to integrate your data within a warehouse and achieve overall holistic solutions.


It is far easier and faster to understand and analyze data stored in a data warehouse. Also, when it comes to generating revenue-sensitive insights, time is truly of the essence. Together we can find the best warehousing solution for your needs. If you already chose one, we can advance your analytics practice and strengthen the accuracy of data stored in your warehouse.

Today, cloud data represents a high portion of the total data collected and imported into your business intelligence tools. Your analysts are forever digging for data and trying to refresh reports so they’re updated with the latest developments.


Avoid the pain of manually refreshing data by automating your cloud data sources. Help your team focus on generating insights that truly matter and add value to your business, rather than on repetitive tasks that can be easily automated.

Need reliable insights? We take pride in the fact that our dashboards portray reliable data in a way that is easy to understand and brings peace of mind to those thirsty for insights.


We can help you create rich, accessible, and actionable visualizations, regardless of the tools you want to use. If you feel that the tool you’ve been working with failed to deliver the results you were expecting, we can consult with you and help you migrate to a new and more suitable dashboarding solution for your business.

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