The Journey to Automation at One Press of a Button

The Challenge

A quick-service restaurant industry leader wanted to switch from manually reporting transactional and clickstream data to an automated solution. The client’s manual process involved pulling data from two sources and inputting it in Excel once a month, which took about two full days! They consulted our team to implement a report automation system to reduce time in their analysis process and increased their speed to gain insights.

The Solution

Together with the client, we built a list of requirements (including systems and warehouses where the data lived), metrics, dimensions, segments, and filters that were being used to create the report.


Since the client wanted to work with Excel, we adopted the ODBC software to exchange data between different proprietary databases.


With data accuracy and integrity being our number one concern, both business and technical expertise were used to identify “dirty data” within the data sources, set them aside, and clean them.


Implementation of the clean data involved creating the queries to the data source with our client, applying filters and corrections previously defined, creating KPIs, and creating the final report where users could see the data and charts in a clean and accurate way.


Together, we identified ways to connect the data and understand it, built the queries, linked the results of the queries to the output sheets, and did quality assurance.


We helped our client test the consistency of data through time and helped verify the variance between the data sources and the report. Since data is often sampled for several systems, we made sure the calculation of variance was done using unsampled reports.

The Results



Decreased reporting time from two days to five minutes.



Our automated reporting system boosted CVR from 16% to 34-35%.



Stakeholders were able to make key decisions faster.



Our solution was implemented quickly, and at a much lower cost.



Decreased human errors through manual refreshes instead of copy and pasting.